Mess You Guys, I am Going Home

Your employer may inform you that your low binds you - whenever you leave, compete contract. I workin Wyoming in ornamental real eork i signed s non compete with my company by nouncing payroll assessments not merely tome but to suppliers and so on and the ball has been falling. I simply found out he's selling the organization and a lot of his customers are requesting me to complete their future jobs what do i could I do to become out of this wreck or do.

Our former employer is now imposing a low compete I used to be required to sign prior to career that doesn't allow me to work in my skilled field anywhere the organization does business, I have had numerous task presents resented due to the non compete. I likely to another company who's a possible rival to my current company and am changing jobs. I-live for a barter trade firm in Broward County and work and we have approximately 400 local users within our system across various different forms of firms.

I work in jackson Wyoming in ornamental real eork i closed s non compete with my company and he has been appliance company atlanta falling the baseball by nouncing payroll checks not only in my experience but to sellers and so on. I just learned he's selling the company and alot of his clients are asking me to do their potential careers what do I really do or may I do to be using this wreck.